Working with children and young people
across needs
Therapeutic and educational placements


Our website is gradually being re-constructed after it had a crash, we are working hard to get all the information back up on our page! In the meantime, should there be any further information you require then do not hesitate to contact us!

Elysian is an Animal Assisted Therapy and Learning provision, and we received our independent school registration at the beginning of September. We facilitate Education, Therapeutic and EOTAS placements for children and young people.

Our age range at Westland Farm site for placements is 10-18yr, with some occasional exceptions where we will accept 8+ (e.g. for social communication sessions on particular dates and/or for individual therapy). 

For therapy we do not have any age limitations, however we are currently holding a waiting list. Where therapy or other sessions are provided for much younger children, adults, families or groups, this is done outside of the placement provision hours (9.30am-3pm), evenings or weekends.

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Land line : 01483 898517