Children, young people and adults come to the farm for a whole variety of reasons.  

There is a whole wealth of research that tells us the benefits of being with animals, being outdoors and being active, on your emotional well-being.  These include, amongst many others, a decrease of anxiety, increased resilience (emotionally and physically), an increase in social and overall confidence and many more benefits to your overall well-being.

At the farm we support children, young people and adults to develop their personal goals and overall development, including overcoming personal hurdles. This includes people with a variety of additional needs.

We support children and young people who may be out of school or access the farm as part of their educational programme. This may include tutors coming to the farm to ensure children who are not in education is accessing learning in the core subjects. Each and every person who is referred to us is individual and has a set of circumstances that we will work in partnership with the professionals involved to ensure we support in the best possible way.

Work experience sessions at the farm include undertaking a whole range of activities, that are planned according to needs, abilities and goals. The vary from animal care and handling, to equine and animal assisted therapeutic and learning activities. Young people are closely supported by staff to participate and progress their goals. Young people may work with a whole range of animals, or concentrate on a few. The sessions are supported by practitioners experienced in working with a whole range of needs.



The work experience placements are usually booked ahead in block bookings for a period of time (usually a term), though can also be booked as ‘ad hoc’ days as long as we have capacity in our diary.

Please contact us for information about how we might support your needs or the needs of someone you are working with.                 01483 898 517