Pilot programme information

Elysian Therapy and Learning C.I.C  is currently running a pilot over 12 months which is funded by the CCG Transformation funds, offering an Animal Assisted Group Therapy approach to children and young people across Surrey, targeting particularly vulnerable groups that may not be able to engage with the current offer. These include children and young people with therapeutic needs that may be a barrier to talking therapies and engaging with mainstream services. Over the 12 months we target different groups of children and young people, and facilitate ‘cohorts’ of therapeutic groups. If you know a child that would benefit from an alternative therapeutic intervention, then they may be able to access our groups. It is free for participants.

The aim of the pilot is to give children and young people (CYP) in Surrey an opportunity to access this alternative provision, whilst measuring the positive impact which will inform future decision making and development of the provision.

How does it work?

Children and young people from 4 – 25 (18-25 SEND), are referred to the service (by professionals or parents/carers) and undertake an initial assessment with a practitioner. Once assessed, the CYP will be invited to partake in an animal assisted therapy group, a targeted group defined according to need, age, therapeutic goals. They are user led and can include (though not limited to):

  • Groups for children and young people who have have experienced trauma.
  • Single sex group for CYP with ASD focusing on social communication and overcoming anxiety.
  • Emotional Social Behavioural group focusing on managing anger, behaviours and anxiety.
  • Social Communication and personal development (generic and divided on age/need).
  • Overcoming Anxiety, emotional regulation and mindfulness

Where more 1-1 targeted session is needed, we can offer a further 2 x sessions with a practitioner aiming to prepare and equip the CYP to integrate into a targeted group.

6-week rolling programme

The groups follow a 6-week rolling programme

Family Resilience Group Sessions

On completion the children and young people’s parents and carers are encouraged to attend 3 Family sessions, giving the whole family an opportunity to experience the benefits of the programme and build relationships and resilience within the family group.

6-week rolling programme

We are currently taking referrals for children and young people with a diagnosable mental health condition, and children and young people who are non-verbal. The non verbal cohort with for children and young people who are non – verbal and may have other (associated) additional needs, who have ability and scope to engage in a peer group on a farm with farm animals.

Please click on the below link for the relevant leaflets and referral form.

Transformation pilot leaflet  printable

Referral Form INDIVIDUAL Elysian Services 

Non verbal cohort TP AAT leaflet Transformation pilot

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