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Our most common enquiry is from SEND professionals who have a child or young person they are looking to find a suitable service for, and for that reason, we decided to make a page just for you!
Here you should hopefully find the answers to most of your questions, though do feel free to call us and talk anything through.

We often have children and young people who are not in school, waiting for a suitable placement or on reduced timetables, and we are approached to come up with a package for these children/YPs. These packages are individual, based on the needs of the child/YP, though will often look something like: 3 Days per week Therapeutic Work Experience or EOTAS placement, including weekly therapy, often undertaking ASDAN animal care and a NCFE unit (e.g. ‘Increasing confidence in working with animals’) or more.

Each and every person who is referred to us is individual and has a set of circumstances that we will work in partnership with the professionals involved to ensure we support in the best possible way. Common reasons for referral include: Emotional/mental health recovery,  overcoming/managing anxiety, not being able to access current or specialist provision, or waiting for suitable provision to be sought. Many children and young people who come to us have additional needs, and often complex needs, that require 1-1 in the initial period, which we will do for new starters. We then gradually introduce various peer activities, planned each week, with a high level of support to ensure it is done at the right pace.

Session vary greatly depending on needs. All the sessions at the farm all involve undertaking general farm and animal care tasks, such as feeding, making beds, repairing fencing and other animal care tasks, including a great deal of animal handling. There is a large emphasis on therapeutic time with animals (e.g. walking and spending time with animals). The activities are centres around preparing for life, learning and for older young people, preparing for the life of work and ongoing opportunities for progression. All children and young people work towards individual therapeutic goals.

How long do children and young people come for?

Children and young people come for 50min weekly sessions (therapy), to full day placements (5 days EOTAS). It all depends on their needs and reason for referral.

Some may come for a few weeks (e.g. in-between education provision), some come for a term, and some come for a year – or more (e.g. CYP who attend as part of their EHCP).

What is your waiting list?

Depending on age/needs and dates/days (i.e. where they may fit into in terms of the current programmes) we usually find a way of fitting someone in within a couple of weeks, and usually an initial visit within days. It really does depend on needs and matching this with our current day programmes and capacity, though, if it is urgent, we will do everything in our power to fit it on ASAP.

What do we need to refer?

Please download/complete and send Referral Form (click here to download) and email to us along with the EHCP or relevant most recent relevant assessment. Please ensure you give as much detail about risk and any safeguarding concerns as possible.

What happens after referral?

We contact you to recommend either an initial assessment or initial visit depending on the information you have provided.

Age restrictions/limitations?

The youngest child/YP on placement with us currently is 6, oldest is 22. The more common ages of those currently on placements vary from 11-16yrs old.

Can young people travel to us on their own?

It is possible, but not easy, especially not for someone feeling anxious, because they will likely need to walk from Guildford train station to Guildford bus stop. The farm is about 5 minute walk from Shamley Green bus stop

Risk Assessments (click on them)
Elysian Risk Assessment for Westland Farm
Elysian Covid-19 Risk Assessment Part 1
Elysian Covid-19 Risk Assessment Part II
How many sessions/days can children and young people (CYP) do?

Anything from 1/2 day to 5 days per week. Until we have registration we cannot provide an education package, so CYP usually do up to 4 days currently, so they are able to participate in a core education package outside of Elysian.

Are we ‘set up’ with the LA?

We are a vendor with/provider for Surrey CC and all the bordering Counties, along with a few of the London boroughs and the CCGs. Most of our referrals come from SCC (SEND/Social care), and SCC schools, with just over a handful currently attending from neighbouring counties.

Elysian General Leaflet updated April 2020

Please email us for our cost information sheet, which giver further information on types of placements with us, including the cost.