Own a Donkey session

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This event is running from 4 August 2021 until 20 August 2021. It is next occurring on August 4, 2021 10:00 am

  • Venue: Elysian
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Own a Donkey Session

At Elysian we have 5 donkeys, and they need love and attention, and a little training!
This is an opportunity for families to have some fun, whilst bonding and doing activities outside.



Suitable for families who:

Love animals

Love being outside

Want some therapeutic bonding time

Want to feel more confident and/or reduce mild/moderate social anxiety

Want to learn how to look after donkeys


What happens?

The sessions are two hours long and each family group as you arrive will have a brief introduction to the facilities before we take you to meet the donkeys. We tell you a little bit about each donkey and you will spend some time to bond with them in the field. You will be given brushes, head collars and lead ropes, and shown how to use these correctly. We ensure we do mixed fun activities based on age, needs and abilities, and that everyone has a chance at  interacting with all the animals on the farm in addition to their time with the donkeys. We usually take the donkeys for a walk, in the arena or outside the farm, and sometimes we build an obstacle course in our arena to take the donkeys through.

Young people in attendance should be accompanied by an adult and able to follow instructions whilst in a group setting.

Please do not bring any animals on site, or food and drink (due to health and safety regulations).

When you arrive at Elysian, you will see a car park. Park inside the car park, and the staff at Elysian will meet you at the gate at the event start time. They will then take you to the hand wash to wash your hands before the sessions starts.

Please dress for the farm where it can get quite muddy. Make sure you have the following with you, waterproofs, wellie boots or walking boots and a sunhat as you never know what the British weather is going to do!

Please note we may have to cancel the session if the attendance is low.

We look forward to seeing you soon!



Date Ticket Price Quantity
One child and Accompanying Adult £25.00 Sold out