Make a referral


Referrals to Elysian are usually made through the child or young person’s local authority, and in most cases this is through the SEND team. Some education providers also refer directly. If you are a parent or a carer, we would recommend speaking to your education provider or Local Authority.

If you are a school or a Local Authority and you wish to refer a child or young person to us, please complete the attached form and email it to [email protected]. Please include relevant documents, such as an EHCP and/or other assessments as appropriate.

The management team meet weekly and review all referrals. We expect to respond to each referral within 2 weeks of the date referred. If this has not happened please do feel free to contact us as there may be an error.

Please note, we receive referrals every day and for this reason it does sometimes take a little while for us to come back to you. Please provide as much information as possible. We aim to respond to referrals weekly following referral panel meetings.

If you have any questions, regarding referrals or making a referral enquiry please email [email protected]