Referral Information


Referrals to Elysian are usually made through the child or young person’s Local Authority, and in most cases this is through the SEND team. Some education providers also refer directly. If you are a parent or a carer, we would recommend speaking to your education provider or Local Authority.

Referrers are responsible for funding the placement sought.

If you are a school or a Local Authority and you wish to refer a child or young person to us, please complete the referral form below and email it to [email protected]. Please include relevant documents, such as an EHCP and/or other assessments as appropriate. 

Privately funded placements

We do not usually consider privately funded placement, but may do so on individual basis for TWE or individual therapy sessions, please email us if you wish to inquire further regarding this.


The referral panel meet weekly and review all referrals. We expect to respond to each referral within 2 weeks of the date referred. If this has not happened please do feel free to contact us as there may be an error. We receive referrals every day and hence responses may sometimes be delayed.

If the initial referral is accepted, we may sometimes request more information at this stage before making a decision to proceed. If it is decided that Elysian may be able to meet need, based on the information given, we send an invite to an initial visit.

After the initial visit, we may request further information from parents/carers and professionals.

At this stage we either offer one or two taster sessions/days as part of further assessment (this is undertaken in every case for Education referrals), decline a placement or a placement may also be offered at this stage.

Referrers will then often need to take the placement offer to a panel before a start date is agreed.

Funding for placements are calculated on a ‘per term’ basis and due before the start of each term (or calculated pro-rata and paid on starting if starting date is mid-term).

Placements are usually reviewed as part of Annual EHCP reviews, and some more temporary placements are reviewed termly.